How can I help?

Who would have thought I would be inspired to write a blog from a new show I am watching called ‘New Amsterdam’ The main character who is the medical director of a hospital seems to have the tag line ‘how can I help? ’ 

I am not normally moved by what I watch on TV but this got me good. The character may be flawed but he often stops and asks a question that most of us in this busy and challenging life fail to ask. I am always trying to find ways to be someone who can help others in any way I can and for me this is such a powerful tool in doing so. 

We all go through hard times and our natural reaction to this is to try and fix our own problems and obsess over our issues until we have resolved it. What I have found time and time again is that when I stop focusing on what’s going wrong in my life and start looking outwards my issues seem to get smaller and I actually feel better for heloing others.  

I thought this could be a good challenge to me and anyone reading this to ask those around us ‘How can I help?’ maybe there is a mum who you always see struggling or a friend who seems overwhelmed? or even people who seem to have it all together? This challenge excites me because it’s simple and something I know I can fit in my day. Most people just need a small helping hand that even in your busy life you can do or you can find someone else who can.

Some people won’t t respond to being asked ‘How can I help?’ and need you just to act. I know when I was stuck in grief and people asked me, I just thought no one could help so I turned them down.  In situations like this we just need to take that responsibility off the person hurting and do something you know will help. Order them that food shop they desperately need or go collect their kid from school and take that responsibility of them having to respond away from them. 

Something else I noticed about this character was he noticed things others would not or choose to ignore.  I know I do this a lot and its something I am actively trying to change. I want to have eyes that see those who are struggling or in need of a helping hand or who need someone to speak up for them. For me my biggest challenge is helping those who are not in what I call my comfort bubble. It’s easy for me to help the people I consider easy to love but when I see those who are more of a challenge I shy away because it takes more effort. We really have to stop and think maybe there is a reason that person acts out and just maybe they just need someone to stop and ask ‘ how can I help?’

I am going to challenge myself to ask this question at least once a week and see what happens and if you feel moved to join me please do. In a world full of so much sadness and pain, be that light that says ‘ How can I help’ you may just change the course of someones life. 

Hi, Im Rachel Fraser. I'm Mum and Wife, I love hazelnut lattes! I love to blog in a real and honest way and a lot of the time its about my own life. Writing for me really helps to offload a lot of my thoughts and gives me an medium to share my thinking and feelings on life. Join me in my journey of writing and let me know what you think :)

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  • Lovely article Rach! I love the way you write 🙂 I’m inspired – need to work on this!
    Ps. I’ll also check out this TV show 😉

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