How the coronavirus has affected me by my daughter Scarlett Fraser

Before I go on to talk about how the corona virus is affecting me as a child during this pandemic let’s first talk about what the coronavirus is and how it started. Scientists think this all started in a place called Wuhan China. The place it was thought to have come from was a meat market selling wild animals. They think that a bat was around the other animals being sold and was infecting them. Who would have thought a virus from China would effect me all the way in Scotland.

On the 20th of March the prime minister decided to shut all schools which affected me. In this article I am going to write about how coronavirus has affected  my school, what happens at home and we do simple things.

My sister and I have to be taught at home by my mum and everything we are used to in the classroom has changed. To help home feel more like my classroom we have been doing the same breaks and lunchtimes as school. We also play the same music that we do in class.  I really miss my friends and my teacher but it’s nice spending more time with my mum. I have been working hard on my times tables at home which I might not have managed to do as much at school. A bonus about being at home for school is my mum sometimes gives us a surprise afternoon off and we can celebrate my sisters birthday and miss school when it comes this week.

Home is very different for me too. My dad normally works in Edinburgh but now works at home which means he does not need to waste time driving and spends that time with us. We have found more time to play new games and I have even become a champion monopoly card player. I think we play it at least 3 times a day which would never have happened before. Life is not as  busy so we get to go on long walks and play fun games of tig. My whole family have got really into exercise and even eating healthier.

Simple things have changed for me for example I have not been to a shop since schools came off. When we go for a walk we have to stay away from other people. I can’t go to a coffee shop with my family which is my favourite thing to do so we now makes cups of teas at home and play games. I am really missing my friends and playing with them but have found a way ways talk to them on my mums iPad.

As you have read my life has changed because I no longer go to school, my dad works from home and I get to see him. I can’t go to places with people who are not my family. However even though it’s hard with all the change I am enjoying spending more time with my family


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