Are you being robbed?

My husband is a superstar. He recently bought me a new laptop so that I could carry out my blogging in a much easier way. After only having written a few blogs the screen broke. This resulted in a massive bill for it to be restored grrrr what a pain! Silly annoying things like this happen all the time and end up making us angry and down. I used to think what’s the big deal if I allow myself to be in a mood all day and not feel joyful? But now I believe joy is such a gift that should be held at high esteem. I personally feel that situations no matter how big or small should not rob me of my joy.

Life can be such a rollercoaster and it can sometimes feel like things are either going really well or really rubbish. For years I really struggled as I was allowing little things in my day to effect the rest of my day negatively. This could be a little thing like having a hectic morning. I would allow it to affect the rest of my day. A lot of the time I would dread things that were coming up the following week which would ruin the week I was already in. As I’m reflecting and writing this I can see how unproductive this was. At the time however I felt unable to shift my pattern of thinking and feeling.

I am aware that we can’t be happy and chirpy all day everyday. I have realised however that I can keep my inner joy because I have the assurance that God is in control of all the details of my life. I have a quiet confidence that ultimately everything is going to be ok.It’s the small details we can so often get caught up in and allow them to ruin our day.

Back to my lap top breaking which is what gave me the thought to write this blog. If that had happened to me a few years back I think I may have cried and it would probably have put me off writing more blogs. I am now able to see it as a minor bump in my life and day. The shift in my thinking occurred when I realised that I never really put things into perspective. When small things happen if our lives we often lose grip on the reality of the situation. For me my laptop broke and yes it was going to cost a bomb to fix. I did not however allow my mind to jump to my usual doom and gloom place and instead I took a minute to take a deep breath and choose to not allow it to annoy me. What good was negative thinking going to do? Would the screen fix itself if I got upset? No of course not!! Similarly that thing in your day or week that’s sucks won’t change because your having a pity party with yourself.

If you come against something that try’s to rob you of your joy look at the problem and line it up with the big things in life that are not going wrong. I often think of my family’s health and how thankful I am for it. I am also grateful for the fact we have enough to pay our bills each month. This kind of thinking squishes the small thing you have made big in your day. If you worry about things that will be taking place in the weeks to come like a doctor’s appointment or a job interview that can be torture. Worry will add nothing to your life and won’t change anything. We all know this but keep on worrying anyway. In moments of anxiety of the future I try to not let my thoughts wander. When we dwell on negative thoughts they get bigger and bigger and that small worry you had becomes this massive deal. Nothing has the power to steal your joy unless you give it away.

We all have that one friend who is always got something to moan about and you can end up leaving them feeling tired. I am so aware that I don’t want to be that person. I love being around people who are full of positivity and joy because I leave feeling uplifted. I’m not talking about people being fake as that can be equally tiring. Joy is so transferable and for some people that positivity is life changing. If you struggle with friendships have a little think about what kind of friend you are. I am so guilty of complaining about thing that go on in my everyday life and it’s something I am working on.

Protecting our joy can also make our lives more productive and easier. Sometimes our biggest stumbling blocks are ourselves and our need to over analyze everything and believe that everything has to be just right to be in a good mood. When I feel rubbish I tend to withdraw. I don’t feel like wasting my time and energy. The ability to get out of a mood fast allows for a better day with more time to actually live and enjoy it.

Joy to me is such a special and precious things that I hold so dear. When you experience sheer pain you realise that joy is the most wonderful thing. It’s like when you are really ill and you finally get better you appreciate your health so much more and then stupidly take it for granted about a week later. It can be the same with joy. We don’t protect it enough and take it for granted until we hit a blip in our life. Protecting your joy in everyday life can be a training ground for when big things happen.

Hi, Im Rachel Fraser. I'm Mum and Wife, I love hazelnut lattes! I love to blog in a real and honest way and a lot of the time its about my own life. Writing for me really helps to offload a lot of my thoughts and gives me an medium to share my thinking and feelings on life. Join me in my journey of writing and let me know what you think :)

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