Why the word Fat is banned in my home

I have two young girls who have minds like sponges and mimic everything you do. My first-born has always loved her food and is bigger than kids her size and was called ‘fat’ by well-meaning people a lot. I really never though much about this until I was pregnant with my second and was weighing myself to see if I had gained enough weight only to see my daughter then go on to copy me. They listen and copy everything we do which is so scary but also a great opportunity to show them what’s healthy.

As parents we need to be so careful about how we chat around our children. We can find ourselves asking our partners the old classic: “does my bum look big in this?” or complaining that we feel fat in our clothes. Lets be intentional about how we speak in front of our little ones. The way we speak about our partners and children is so important. Your words can a steer the way your child goes in life.

The word fat is thrown around so easily and I for one don’t want my child defining who people are based on appearances. I don’t want her growing up counting calories and skipping meals to fit into societies way of “beauty”. My children will be given healthy food and exercise will hopefully be a hobby. When they get given an occasional treat there will be no mention of the word ‘ fatty’ or ‘bad’.

I believe if we can mould our speech from when a child is young they can grow up with much better relationships with food, their own self imagine and how they see others. So lets edify each other and speak positive words over your family. When we modal good relationships and are careful with the words we speak over our kids, it can have a great impact on their futures. After all don’t we all want our kids to be world changers?

Hi, Im Rachel Fraser. I'm Mum and Wife, I love hazelnut lattes! I love to blog in a real and honest way and a lot of the time its about my own life. Writing for me really helps to offload a lot of my thoughts and gives me an medium to share my thinking and feelings on life. Join me in my journey of writing and let me know what you think :)

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